ok bad news. i tried the peavey valveking 212 and 112 (same thing) and it was a good amp but it didnt seem to get as distorted as i would wish, although i definetly heard the diference in the tone, so i tried a overdrive pedal and it actualy sounded like the dirstortion went down, so i didnt like it too much. the randall rg50tc wasnt in stock... and i almost went back down the solid state path again when i played the line 6. but when i asked the guitar dude what the best tube amp was in the 500$ price range, he took me to a little ol' fender hot rod blues amp and i realised it was the same tube amp my uncle gave to me about a year ago! in amazment i played it, yeah it only had overdrive but when i put in a distortion pedal it sounded amazing! i was thinking that instead of spending 500 dollars on a new amp, that i would spend about 400-ish on a good bunch of pedals ( i was thinking like the BEST distortion pedal and one of those pedal boards that have everything installed). thinking that this would set me off with a new and good set up... i found out what the amp wattage was.. only 15 watts in tube power, i dought thats enough to play small giggs. i dont know were to go with this, help?
You could upgrade the speaker to a 12" one which would make it slightly louder or hook it up to an external 2x12 or 4x12 cab, and if you mic it up at gigs it'll sound fine. I have a Peavey 6505+ halfstack which never goes past 2 live because it's mic'ed
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