I'm looking into getting a new (or used) 4 OHM speaker cab. I was wonder if anyone knows of a good one in the $500 range. My budget can go higher (i'm fairly patient). it needs to pretty sturdy and well suited for modern rock. I'm more interested in a 4x12 than a 2x12, the 4x12s are just sexier, but i'm open to either. i'll be playing it with a SpiderVALVE combo. please no comments that i should just get a new amp or that i don't need a cab and the combo fine on its own. I work and make my own decisions on how to spend my money. Thanks in advance for any help.
Is that really what the amp calls for? 4 ohms? Not many manufacturers make 4 ohm cabs nowadays. I think your best bet would be to contact a company like Avatar and ask them to make one up for you. You'll be able to get a nice cab from them for under $500.
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on the back of the amp it shows two speaker outputs. it says single - 4 ohms, pair- 8 ohms.

i'll check into the avatar thing. Does anyone know if a Marshall 1960 cab would be compatible.
well judging by that^^
you can use a cab with 4,8 and 16 ohms
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So does the amp works as a head. I can do this with my blackheart and am wondering how it works.
What Geartriggers link shows is the Head version but I saw the combo ins and outs and i can see now that i can use an 8 ohm cab as well. that should extend my search. any recommendations?