Yeah, so I've uploaded a new piece to my UG profile. It's a solo piece for acoustic guitar. It's by no means a final version, and I think I may actually record it again for two guitars becuase I found it pretty difficult just using the one. There's a couple of mistakes, I know, but if you could post your overall opinions on the piece it would be greatly appreciated!


Crit for crit.
hard to hear at first, then it picks up the bass notes sound great.

Love it, sounds great, very calming.

nice transition from intense build up to finger picking again.

chords sound like a great progression, all i can say bad is the recording quality, but its understandable cuz of the home recording. i would record that part with a lower sensitivity on the mic to make it sound better.

All in all i loved it. great tune.


same genre as this
wow, that's pretty....makes me sleepy, but yeah it's great. Yeah, that would be difficult as one guitar part.
^ Thanks!

Shreddar003, it was actually recorded on my mp3 player - so that explains the recording quality I don't mind the lo-fi sound though. Sorry I haven't checked yours out yet - I've been kind of busy lately. I'll crit you back a little later in the week.
There can never be enough acoustic instrumentals

I really digged the overall sound of this song, I feel exactly what you were going for... and I love it.

Some parts were sketchy, like the transition and riff around 1:04 - 1:05. That was the biggest issue i noticed, though there was also a bit of fluttering on strange trem. picking that you are doing at the end.

Man tighten this up a bit, record it with some better quality, and I've found me a new bedtime lullaby

Loved it, bro.
My God, it's full of stars!
I think it's really good. I agree, if it was a better recording it would be very awesome, something I would purchase.

No real complaints here. The transition, like dreadnought said, is the only thing that could be worked on.
beautiful song, starts off kind of like an lullaby, but becomes more agressive, then calms down again. i really like it, its an encouraging song.. sort of like dont loose hope. the ending is good, but becomes too abrupt, so maybe fix that.

but otherwise i love it

i also have an acoustic instrumental, but its a little different

crit it
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What tuning is this in? I know the E is dropped down to a D. So my guesses are open G or Open D. Eitherway Open Tunings are good choices for solo acoustic compositions. The little harmonics near the beginning are a nice touch. This song as a whole is beautiful. I use to write a lot of stuff like this when i started playing with open tunings (still do). A second guitar is a really good idea, you do a good job of making this sound like more than one guitar, though it's clumsy at times. And like the others have said the recording peaks pretty bad with the heavy strumming. Overall i think the composition of this song is great and can only be made better with two guitars and that a second guitar track would fix almost every little (and ultimately not that important) flaw in this track. Bravo.

Thanks guys, I think I'll record it again when I get my new mic and all the cables for my four-track back.

Zombiereagan, it's in open C (CGCGCE) tuning. Do you have an open thread for me to crit your song in or will I just do it here?
I'll crit you all back later today.