Can anybody help me to get my neck pup tone control to work properly, I have wired it just as drawn on the Fender site but as you turn the knob instead of altering the tone it reduces the volume of the neck pup, the main vol control works ok and the middle is ok, I have just put 57/62 pups in, hope somebody can help me, just about to go crazy. Many thanks for any replies I may get.
so the bridge tone works, master volume works, but neck tone effects volume?

in that case you miswired it.

Volume pots have an input and output, and the output goes (eventually) to the hot output on the guitar. looking at the pot, it will go something like (the 3 pins, from behind): hot in, hot out, ground.

tone is different, it gets grounded. again from the back, it would look like: out (to capacitor, then ground), hot in, not connected (make sure this isint grounded)
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