well, i bought my guitar used at my local guitar center and i forget what kind of jackson it is called. i know it's in the dinky series but i can't find it ANYWHERE on the internet.

it looks similar to this except it has one more knob (i don't know what the knob is called) and it's forest green if that helps at all.

you would think i could find even one picture on the net, but i've searched everywhere and i can't find one nor can i find the name of it. maybe i bought a custom guitar?

EDIT: i found one single pic on the net just now of one similar to it.
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Older DKMG if it has EMG HZs and is the same other than the extra knob (which is a Jackson Turbocharger aka EMG Afterburner).
how old is older?

looooool just found a single pic of another one like it. i can't find another pic but heres the one i found
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2005 DKMG. They started using real EMG's on them in 2006.
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