good ol' ANTHRAX† has won a spot on the UG album, but I can't PM him to tell him he needs to send me his song, because every time i send him a message, it says his name cannot be located. I can only assume this is because of the † in his name. I tried putting in the %86 or whatever replaces the † in the URL window when you visit his profile, but that didn't work. so how do you do it?
Cant you copy and paste his name? And you did try going to his profile and hitting "Send Message" right? It took you to this page and once you clicked send it didn't work?
You could go to members list and go to his profile from there. (I think?)
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yes, even when i go to his profile and click on the send message button, it STILL doesn't find his name when i go to send the message.
Report it in the bugs forum. This problem has been mentioned before. It's been fixed for some symbols, but I guess they missed some.
All I can think of is see if he has another method of contact (email, aim etc) on his profile.