the songs im having a hard time with the hammers and pulls is "walk-pantera". i mess up after like the second time where dimebag variates on the tenth,twelvth and thirteenth frets on the e,b and g strings. if you know the song you know what im talking about. can you give me tips or something to help me out? much appreciated
Work on your trilling chops between all the different pairs of fingers you can. Dime had pretty fast fingers so you're going to have to work on that pretty hard.
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Totally. Trills are great for that, but also practice lots of legato licks in general. The ending to "Shattered" off of Cowboys from Hell is pretty extreme, but once you can play that you could play pretty much any fast hammeron's and pulloffs (though licks that feature hardly any picking are a different area all together) . No weird fingerings or anything, so it's easy to learn. Make sure you use your pinky. Another artist to check out for good legato licks is Joe Satriani.