So I have fairly new strings, almost 2 weeks. They'10 gauge ernie balls. Anyways I had a problem with my g string, but thats fixed... but now my E as n the low sounding e detunes all the time. I'm playing in drop d now so that could be why, but how do I stretch it, do I leave it over night. I want to see if that works. If not even though I'm poor and need effects I think I just might buy some locking tuners.

I never had a problem before, and it didn't go out of tune earlier today. So I think it just needs stretching. Also I usualy string them in a odd way, where I dont cut them and don't give em slack so they don't wrap around the post really... but I got a tech to do it when I got my EMG installed, and I think that is why it isn't as tight.

Any help is greatly appreciated (except get new tuners, which I will do soon).

Oh and I play an Epi Les Paul, which r pretty susceptible to this.
If you've been playing on it for two weeks it should be stretched. But maybe not.

Tune the string up to standard pitch. Then, grab the string at the 12th fret, keep your arm/elbow on the string down by the pick ups, and pull it up, off the fretboard an inch or so ... bearing a good amount of pressure on the string, as you stretch and pull the slack out of it. Ummm ... if you don't know your own strength, be cool about this ... you don't want to bust and snap strings here - the idea is to stretch it a little bit. Then, tune it to pitch once again.

If you tune to standard, then use the method above and it goes out of tune, it probably just needs to be stretched and tuned again. Do that a few times and play the string in standard (playing in Drop D might be making it take longer to stretch since it's not as tight...not sure).
Lockin nuts will NOT solve your problem. However, I have a Floyd Rose and I use the method that RockInPeaceDime recommended above. It works great. So, try that. If that don't work, somethin else is wrong.
ok, thanks ill try. Will i see the results like right away or will I have to wait.

Damn guitars suck when they go outta tune, no fun to play....
I think it worked a bit but not fully. But it might get better over time.

What if i left it tuned to a higher pitch over night, will it damagfe the string?
Doubtful it will hurt the string (depending on how high a pitch you're talking about), but I don't see it necessary. If you use the method above 5-7 times in standard tuning and play on it a bit the string should be perfectly fine.
well, staying in tune is epiphone's weakness, maybe u should take it to a shop to get it set up.

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