So, I've been playing for about a year now and I've learned open chords, barre chords, and now starting to learn 2-string powers. I don't have a problem switching between chords, but rather at strumming. I can keep a consistent beat, and play a bunch of rhythms, but my strumming sounds really bad when I use thicker picks. The pick gets stuck between the strings, and sounds very uneven. I can sound decent with Jim Dunlop 0.46 mm's, but those are not very good for doing appregios, scales, riffing on power chords or just general string playing. I also hate the flapping sound the soft picks make against the strings when I'm strumming.
What am I doing wrong? How can I get myself to strum with hard picks so I don't have too keep switching between picks. Someone suggested strumming softer, but when I do that I miss strings and the rhythm sounds even worse. Do you guys have any suggestions, or perhaps exercises I can do to improve my strumming?
Hold the pick further in your fingers. Like say you hold it at the fat end. Well, try holdin it as close to the skinny end as possible. Leave like 1mm to pick with. That will improve ALL of your techniques.
/\ yes.

also angle your hand when strumming. kind of point the pick downward as youre going up and do that backwards also.

idk, it helps me some
if you hold a thin pick to tight you get the flapping, Relax your fingers and strum with your wrist, and not your whole arm. That helps me.

and yes if you strum with your hand at an angle it will help more,, if you point you thumb down a little you can get that good angle....
I like to use a medium pick...