Can somebody explain to me the differences between the Fender Hot Rod and Blues series, along with the Deluxe and Deville series? And which would be best for Ska, Punk, Classic Rock, and Indie styles of music? Im looking for a great cleans, with some decent gain.

Blues Deluxe

Blues Deville

Fender Hot Rod Deluxe

Fender Hot Rod Deville
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Prolly the Hot Rod Deluxe. I wouldn't ever buy it. But that's cuz I hate Fender amps but love Fender guitars.
thank you for your replies, but can i get maybe an insight on which has the most gain, the differences between the hot rod and blues?

and is it true the deluxe has more gain that the deville?
Ibanez S520ex
Epiphone G-400
Roland Microcube
Alvarez MC90
The deluxe, in theory will give you more overdrive, because of it's lower headroom.

I think the Hot rod series has the most gain, but their dirty channels are "meh"
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