My friend showed me this really awesome riff he'd written a while back. I've played around with it because he said he couldn't find a place for it. I've found that it goes great with the intro to a song my bands working on.

So, in order to make it my own, I changed the tuning of his riff (I think he wrote in drop C and I'm playing in Eb-standard) and I've added a small chord progression every now and then. However, I haven't made any drastic changes to the rhythm. My only concern is that I'm stealing a riff he created. Is it still considering theft if I changed the tuning and altered the notes ever so slightly?

EDIT: Also, allow me to add that the friend who wrote this riff is also my last bands lead-guitar. We had a bit of a falling out, and now his new band pretty much hates my guts. They'd do anything to keep me from succeeding in a new band, even if it means copyrighting a riff they'll never use. If I where to ask him, his band would definitly catch word and use it quickly. And yeah, they're pretty much as bad as I've made them out to be
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Why not just ask your friend if you can use it? If he is really your friend, he will probably say yes.

Do this.
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if he says no you cant just say youll give in credit on the cd if u make 1
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If he cant use it go for it. Unless he got a copy right don't be Vanilla Ice.

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If he cant use it go for it. Unless he got a copy right don't be Vanilla Ice.

This is different, the riff isn't a bassline that was part of a really good song that he is now including in his crappy song and slowly mutilating it and causing me to be happy when I hear it at a party only to subsequently cut myself when I find out what it really is. That is just plain wrong.
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if HE is still your friend, you don't want to risk using it without his permission, or you'll ruin the friendship. get the song completed, get a good recording of it, and then ask him if you can use it, and say you'll give him credit on the song. you can always ask him as a friend to not tell his band about it.
im sure that riff sounds like another riff from another song somewhere, so use it, and if he catches wind, lie and say you were inspired by "fill in blank"
Ask first if you can use it and don't mention you changed the tuning or anything. If he says yes, you're all good.

If not.. use it anyway and if he complains later argue that you changed the tuning, and few notes and the chord progression therefore making it your own and it's so much better than his shi*ty version anyway. No harm, no foul :P ( I know, it's decietful.. I'm ashamed.. oh well :P )
It's be better to just ask if you can use it or to just use it without asking. Don't try to alternate it slightly and pretend that it wasn't the one he showed you.
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