this song is really good I could fall asleep to this and I mean that in a good way. i think you have the guitar to close to the microphone maybe back up just a little next time. peace...
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Great recording quality and guitar playing. The introduction was excellent. It set the piece off on a really nice mood. There's a really nice vibe to the piece, mainly due to the syncopation in your strumming. Your lead melody is fine but I think it becomes a tad boring after a while. This may be because the chord-progression and the strumming are fairly simple and repetitive.

You could counteract this, however, by including a contrasting section with an introduction of a new melody, maybe a modulation as well. You kind of achieve this with the improv around the 2min mark but because of the same progression it's just not interesting enough.

I think my main problem with this piece is with the structure. I mean, what you have there is fine but I did find it a bit boring towards the end. You just need to consider structure a bit more. Write a new section with a different chord-progression and melody and work this into the structure. I really liked the intro and then how it was reapeated at the end, so I'd diffenitely keep that if I were you.

Overall it was good, I just think it needs some more work. Consider "structure" and develop your ideas more.

and thanks for the crit on mine!