So i've had a Fender Hot Rod Deluxe for the longest time, I bought it used 2 years ago and I had to repair it because it was making popping noises. And now I usually gig with it time to time..and lately i've been noticing its been getting a real muddy tone which I seem I could never get away from. I was wondering what kind of tubes should do good with my amp for anything powerful crunch to clean tone for my sound because I don't want to use any drive pedals for it. I've never replaced tubes before and I just need to know what would fit my amp.
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Try JJ 6l6GCs and tung-sol 12AX7s. You'll need to get the amp rebiased as well.
+1 on the tung-sols, i put those in my HRD with electro harmonix on the preamp stage, sounds good.

a good source of info for the HRD is at:-


the above link gives precise instructions on changing valves and rebiasing. it's not difficult at all but you will need a multimeter for the rebiasing.

it may not be the valves that are causing your muddy tone. i recently had the same thing and it turned out to be a couple of resistors had overheated and needed replacing.
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