Ok I got a Chem. final tomorow. My current mark in the class is 58.5%. My final test is work 30% of my overall mark. So say I got 0% on the final... how much will my mark drop. Lets say I get 50% on the final... how much will my mark drop? It I ace the test and get 100% how much will my mark go up?

Thanks, I'm not the greatest in math.
fail either way
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if you get a zero you end up with 40.95%
if you get 100 you end up with 70.95%
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i was in the same situation like 2 months ago.

just study like hell and do your best. if i passed that class without paying attention, you can.
Out of curiosity, what did you get in math this year?
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I had a similar struggle to you except not as bad. I had a D+ going into the final, which was 30% of the grade. I luckily pulled off a C in the class.

Study hard and have confidence if yourself and whatever happens happens. I wish the best.
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58.5*.7 + (your final test grade)*.3 = your class grade

You can get a C-.


So as long as I get 31% on the final (horribly mark), I will pass the course.

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So as long as I get 31% on the final (horribly mark), I will pass the course.


50% is passing for you?

Most grading scales list 60% as a D-.

I passed chemistry with a 76%. Never studied once for any thing. But don't do what I did, I was lucky that I had an awesome teacher.
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Lol that happened to me, 1st semester before final i have like a 68 and didnt pull of a miracle. I ended taking chem again over the summer which was a breeze compared to the standard one. I wouldnt stress too much, because cramming isnt really gonna help you learn all the things you missed throughout the year. fail or pass you still got a summer to make it up.
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