So, I posted this in the Drug Thread (it kinda fits in there), but there was no response. So, I am posting this as a general thread.

Tuesday night, I went to a private ska show at a friend's house. I'm a bum so, whenever I'm in the mood for a cigarette, very rarely do I have some on me. Usually, I just ask a stranger for one.
Well, Tuesday night, I was in the mood for a smoke, so I asked a guy. He was carrying around a pouch with tobacco and papers, and rolled me one right there. It was probably the best cigarette I ever tasted, and, while unfiltered, felt the best.
Anyways, the stuff the guy was using was called "Bali Shag", and it was a little blue pouch.

I'm thinking of picking up the act of rolling my own cigarettes, but I have a few questions first...

1 - Has anyone else here tried this "Bali Shag"? What are your thoughts?
2 - If not Bali Shag, what are some other good tobaccos for rolling? Can I buy them in a pack with papers and whatnot?
3 - Is it more efficient to buy cigarettes or to roll them? It seems as though with rolling, each pouch comes with about the equivalent of 3 or 4 normal packs of cigs, and each pouch costs about $4. And, you can also pack them to your liking, making for a slow smoke, or a quick, rushy smoke. But, then again, you also have to go through with the labor of actually learning how to roll, and then rolling each and every time.
4 - Last thing I can think of: How fast does pouched tobacco go stale? If there's one thing I hate, it's a stale cigarette.
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I don't mind rolling, since you get better tobacco generally, but I usually can't be bothered so I pretty much always buy straights. Naturally, if I'm adding any *flavourings* then I'm rolling.
It takes time and effort, you're never gonna get it straight off. Start with buying the shite stuff first.

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Smoking straight up tobacco isn't nearly as harmful as cigerrates. You at least have the knowledge of the tobacco being pure, and not tainted with tar and chemicals that **** you up.
A stranger actually took the time to roll you a cigarette?

That's classy.
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The shag is quite tasty, a strong choice. A couple other good'ns include American Spirits and Bugler.

If you take the time to learn to roll'em quickly and efficiently, hand-rolled cigarettes are the better choice; especially if you're a bum like you claim to be.
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I know how to roll a cigarette.....funny thing is that I don't smoke.

The papers come in a seperate packet to the tobacco in the UK at least. They're V shaped too. Normally what you do is to sprinkle tobacco (how much is up to you) down the V fold and then roll it into a cylinder and seal it by wetting the paper.

Then you'll have a rolled cigarette ready to smoke!
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No I generally like breathing.

Shut up. I know that smoking is bad for me. I've heard it over and over again, from parents, teachers, and peers alike. I don't do it because I think it's healthy. I do it because I enjoy it. I understand that smoking kills, as my grandmother died of lung cancer just last year. If I wanted to hear a snooty response, I would've asked my mother. So just stop while you're behind.

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Really want to impress people? Roll your own cigars on the spot.

I was actually considering this, but I don't know where to get either the tobacco or the wraps. And, besides, it's probably pretttty damn expensive.

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A stranger actually took the time to roll you a cigarette?

That's classy.

Actually, I got 2 hand-rolled cigs that night, from different people. One of the incredible things about local ska shows is the super-friendly environment. I mean, Hell, one of the older people there offered me a really nice, slightly expensive Dominican cigar just because I thought it smelled good. I didn't have the time to smoke it, though, so I turned it down.
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wait are you asking if we roll our own cigarettes or if we "roll our own cigarettes"?

I read that like 20 times and a minute later I was like Ohhhhh that's what he means...
I roll joints.. but you should definitely roll your own cigarettes because its way cheaper, and rolling cigs/joints is an artform that once you start getting good at, you'll love it.
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How can you tell if the tobacco is pure?

I don't smoke but I've been thinking of trying a straight up own-rolled tobacco ciggarette. Only thing I've ever smoked is ganja.
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How can you tell if the tobacco is pure?

I don't smoke but I've been thinking of trying a straight up own-rolled tobacco ciggarette. Only thing I've ever smoked is ganja.

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yeah I do when I'm low on cash, because a bag of cigarette tobacco and a pack of rolling papers is about a buck cheaper than the cheapest cigarettes you can get not counting those "little cigar" things, which taste like ass.
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I like the roll your own American Spirit pouch tobacco. Their tobacco is additive free and they also sell organic tobacco. It's much cheaper than buying them in packs, it's fun to roll them, and they taste great.
shag is my absolute favorite. it doest take long to get rolling down, just have someone teach you how. once you get through about one pouch of shag on your own your good enough at it to support yourself
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"straights" contain other chemicals to keep it burning, that why they are so much more worse for you then rolling tonacco, i roll my own since they taste a hell of a lot better and generally dont leave you smelling as bad. They are also cheaper and you can get more out of a pouch.

Its also not hard to learn but takes time to master. Rolling is an art according to Golden Virginia, which I smoke. YUM
I've never done it but it's really popular here in Germany. It's cheaper, it tastes better and the tobacco usually lasts longer in the fridge. It lasts about the same length as pipe tobacco, which is pretty much forever. You can get a really large quantity of tobacco and rolling papers for a hell of a lot less than a pack of cigarettes.
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BALI SHAG!!! is my favorite

Bali Shag "Golden shag" is the best kind of bali (Its in a red pouch)
i like it better than the blue pouch

and once you get the hang of rolling your own smokes it only takes about 5 seconds to roll one
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Well, most of you probably don't care, but, just a small update.

I went out today, and had my friend buy me a pouch of Bugler tobacco, which included 40 papers. We got out to his Jeep, he handed me the tobacco, and I just took a paper.

Apparently, either I'm a natural, or a quick learner, because the first one I rolled was near perfect, though it could have been a bit more packed.

I think I like the Bugler more than the Bali Shag, though. It tastes better, and it's about $2 less (at $2 for a pouch containing the tobacco and 40 papers, you really can't beat that deal). The after-taste is quite pleasing, too.

So, thanks for the advice and words of wisdom.

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They weren't homeless they were just Grunge.
if you dont want to take the time to learn how to hand roll them you can just buy a roller. It's like three bucks and its the easiest thing ever.