Sorry to start another thread, but this one will be much simpler. Before, I've decided on a HSS MIM Strat. However, this guitar caught my eyes.


Has anyone had any experiences with this guitar or is the MiM Strat definately the way to go. BTW I play mostly soft classic rock heaviest up to Black Sabbath, Metallica.
meh.. go for an ibanez rg. any would be fine..i you want a good guitar for 300 go for ibanez
Eh, only suggestion is go to a GC and play them. They're two rather different guitars... and I'm not sure how the feel is on a U-shaped neck. Pretty sure anything I've ever touched is C-shape.
Lower end LTDs are nay-nays. I have one, I regret it. The MIM is far better made, but there are some that are utter ****, so yes try them out at GC.
You should know, I'm from Canadia I don't know about GC much. But try out a binch of MIMs and that LTD as well.
esp basswood...........mim strat alder....... the answer is.............the strat