The studio where I play and take lessons is looking to buy a EUB. The owner has asked a few of us bass players to tag along to choose out a model, since we'll all play it at one time or another.

I am looking for a few good suggestions--in the 1700 USD range or possible a little more.

For the record, I know they don't sound the same as uprights, so that's not an issue. And I know we'll be avoiding the Dean Pace, since the ones I've played have been less than desirable in sound or playability, and one of the other bass players just despises anything Dean.

So anyone have any recommendations or experience with EUBs?

EUBs do NOT sound like uprights, we get it, but a lot of them FEEL like uprights - and that in turn makes you play like you would on a proper upright.

I can't think of any uprights at your exact price range. Funny, they're either all ~$1000, or ~$3000. I think.

However, first of all, check out Ergo uprights. I needn't explain beyond this:

Also, you have the infamous NS Designs WAV4, which IMO is just the quintessential EUB for under $3000. The Ergos sound much more like uprights to my ear, though, but the WAV4's are beautiful pieces. I give it a full recommendation.

Finally, you have Kydd uprights. They're closer/a bit past the $1700 price range, but are a bit too 'minimalistic' for me (i.e. no headstocks, very plain, come in 31", 34" and 35" scales along wiht 42"). Check them out, though.

There's also the eBay stuff. Paladino and Santini are the ones that stick out in my mind, however they need a lot of work to get them into proper playing shape. However, I've heard that once you do that, they're actually pretty good.

Anyway, in conclusing, I'd check out Ergo first. If you're not into the handmade/direct order deal, check the NS WAV4. If you don't like that for some reason, look into Kydd. If you're bored, check eBay.
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