So this summer, I'm making it a goal to learn a bunch of full albums, from start to finish...

But not just albums I enjoy listening to... In fact, it'll benefit me to learn music I'm uncomfortable with.

Please recommend entire albums to learn from...

Funk -
Jazz - (If possible)
Metal - (No bafflingly fast stuff that I can't play, but still difficult)
Blues -
Pop Rock or anything -
Anything else -
if you haven't already learn music theory instead of full albums.
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killswitch engage - this is absolution - easy
metallica - orion - medium
dream theater - under a glass moon - hard

these are some metal songs. i can play all three. i suggested three coz i dont know your level of skill so yeh.
stevie ray vaughn - sky is crying (blues)
wes montgomery - the incredible jazz guitar of wes montgomery (name of the album)
alice in chains - facelift (metal)
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Silverchair's first album- a metal/grunge album, amazing, and they were only 14-15.
edit: let it enfold you - senses fail
master of puppets - metallica
animals - pink floyd
led zeppelin iv - do i need to list the artist??
america - america
15 - buckcherry
buffalo springfield - bufalo springfield
iv (metal) or the other side (acoustic) both by godsmack
contraband - men at work

but yea just find whats right for you
Wish you were here - pink floyd..fantastic album
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Kezia - Protest The Hero.

I would love to have the patience to learn a full album.
Plagues-Devil Wears Prada-Easy but still fun

Sacrement or ashes from the wake-Lamb of God-medium will realy test your picking skills

Pyisics of Fire-Becoming the Archetype-their solos are fast
Amp-5150 Block Letter

Cab-Recto 4x12

Guitar-Jackson DKMG

Pedals-to many to name
Allman Brothers- At Fillmore East is a great blues/rock/slide guitar/slightly jazzy at times album.
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Moving Pictures - Rush

Chalk full of classic prog goodnesss right there!
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high-n-dry .......def-leppard, easy stuff, very ac/dc like but w/ more melody. fun to play.
ride the lightning......metallica, nothing special here its just my favorite metallica album.
justice for all...metallica........you learn to play this album and you are the metallica man
epiphone gothic lp
ibanez arc-300
epiphone traditional pro lp
vox ad100vht head.
vox cab
Green day-Dookie
Why? Because It'll make you smile playing with the songs, and you cna pretty much knock the whole thing out in an afternoon.
Rage against the machine-Rage against the machine
You'll be proud of yourself by the time you finish.
Catch 22/streetlight manifesto-keasby nights
Best if you can find some brass instrumentalists to jam with too.

Also, I'd suggest as a musical exercise, writing out in sheet music notation, the guitar parts to each song. If and when you start composing with/for a band, you'll thank yourself for it.
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