So, i've been playing solidly for going on 3 years now, and i'm beginning to wonder when i should start trying out sweep picking.

I've done legato, tremolo picking, two/three finger tapping, running up and down scales, the works, and i'm not sure if i have enough skill to begin serious practice.

Should i test myself to see like...how fast i can play...bpm-wise?

And like, what kind of exercises should i do to get ready for sweeping?

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Speed doesn't mean ****. Don't ever concern yourself with clocking bpm's. If you can play fast enough to hit the notes you want, then you're in good shape. Too many young guitarist look to heavy metal bands for inspiration, and consequently can "shred" but no sense of melody, dynamics or timing. BB King can evoke more emotion and add more to a song with one make than Alex Laiho can playing 100. My opinion of course...

Sweep picking: just like any other technique, there is not right time to start learning it. Just do it. It's not that difficult, if you fingers are well trained in arpeggios and scales it wont take long at all. As with everything, start SLOW with a metronome.
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Okay, thanks guys...*sprints to music room*

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Sweep picking not hard? Anyway my guitar teacher says that a guitarist doesn't know speed, only the listener does.
I learned a few sweeps already but in the context of a song. I find econimical ways to pick which sometimes includes a sweep. I dont go and sit there doing appegios all day but if im playing 3 notes in a row on GBe strings if it sounds/feels nice i might sweep it. Also sometime ill do 4 string sweeps. When i come across a song that includes a 5 string sweep or 6 i will do that. Its not that hard just go slow till you get it.

I totally agree with he above poster about how people worry to much about speed. So many guys are like oh im playing 16ths at xbmp who the **** cares not me not anyone whos listening to music. Its not a sport its music. Dave Gilmour can suck you in playing ****ing pentatonic scale slowly with his amazing emotion and tone. I play fast but only when it feels right to do so and i dont clock my bpm and try to set records all sloppy with tension like most of these bpm shredders. And i play metal so dont say just odnt get it.
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