So, awhile back...my...second guitar was an ESP-LTD KH-202.

In other words...crap.

It happened to have a Licensed Floyd Rose floating bridge on it. Now, the premise behind this set-up was quite appealing to me at the time...a bridge that "floats," offering full-range tremolo movement, while still keeping the strings in tune.

The problem was that last part. See...after a few months of practice with it, i migrated towards whammy harmonics (my favorite type of harms) and began to notice that literally every time i TOUCHED the whammy bar, every string de-tuned horribly.

Now, i can't tell if this was a problem with the way the guitar was crafted...or the bridge itself. Keep in mind the guitar also featured a locking nut...which i find to be a complete pain-in-the-ass seeing as i find it inconvenient that i had to look for the right Hex-driver everytime i needed to tune up.

Any ideas?

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You didn't go so far as to ask us a question to answer.

All I can think of is that either your bridge is not level, which would explain it not returning to perfect pitch, or the knife edge has worn down from too much hardcore whammy abuse, which is bound to happen when you add whammy harmonics to an Licensed Floyd Rose, if the LFR is a poorly made "dud". Make sure your string tension and spring tension is the same and that your bridge is thusly flat on the body and Jesus man, finding an allen key is really not that hard to do, your guitar should have come with one.

Hope you're not fucked, and that your problem is fixable. Don't lose faith in Mr. Floyd, just stop buying his bottom bracket product.
Haha, thanks, dude.

I actually stopped playing that guitar a year ago. I've moved to a Tune-O-Matic bridge and it's pretty sweet...but i do miss my whammy harmonics.

I plan on getting a Floyd Rose bridge on my next guitar...just higher-quality. Maybe another Kirk Hammet model.

ESP LTD Viper 400
Line 6 Spider 75W
Digitech RP350
Hi.I done the same thing as you I got an Ibanez RG470 that was too Strat sound for me and for doing some de-tuning or re-stringing I would have to go to some one that will get it done for me. Most of the lower quality floyds are really crap and have some problems like mine wasn't screaming like I would want it to like the term didn't went into body low enough.
You can install whammy bar on tune-o-matic bridge and then all your problems gone think about it!
I thought that that actually might involve hollowing out some of the body, seeing as the spring system with the Floyd Rose is recessed.

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Line 6 Spider 75W
Digitech RP350
it would

it would also be vastly expensive to buy both the parts and getting a luthier to route and fot it for you

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Yeah, you would have to remove some wood, or you could just buy a OFR for your kirk Hammett guitar.
Hahah, i sold that awhile ago...i was just so sick of the guitar. I had already gotten my Viper, and it wasn't just the bridge...the pickups were crap...bolt-on neck...crappy fingerboard, it was just time to move on, lol.

ESP LTD Viper 400
Line 6 Spider 75W
Digitech RP350
k i dont no if there is a thread for this or not, but
i got my new guitar(ibanez 700pt) today, it was nice, when tey took it out of the case, i noticed that the bridge(edge pro3) was a bit high. i didnt think anything of it, so i paied for it and went home.
then i started to set it up. when doing the set up, i was tightening the springs, but it wouldnt pull the bridge down. so now im worried, thinking that its messed , or is it just the springs?
i kept trying to fix it. then waited....gave it some time, went back to it and nothing changed.
help me ug, whats the problem with it? is it a dud,or just spring problems or ??
Quote by virusoflife26
...the pickups were crap

there could be another reason

and word to the wise never buy ltd's lowerd then 400