This is a song I wrote about a girl I'm starting to think I love. Her last two boyfriends were just complete assholes. The first made her think that he got her pregnant (she was 15 at the time) and the second decided he'd rather be "popular" than be with her and made her realize a lot of people only talked to her because of him. And I've just been like a sponge all along, without ever being given a chance.

So enough boring talk about my life, heres the song. It changes focus a bit from her to them.

The Saint of Chivalry Meets His Untimely Demise

What the ****
I'm collapsing under your losses
All your pain is another pillar ripped apart
Because no one should live that life
No one should be forced to live through that

And after all you've been through
you would think it wouldnt be a problem
to see through the bull****
To see what will harm
and what will build up who you are

But no
Pregnancy scares? Being popular?
Is that what it takes to break someone down?
To bring them to the point of death?
To make someone so selfish
that they cant consider the fact that they are needed
that they are loved
essential to the life of another

A word from the wise:
"Do you think they're your friends?
They're not your friends.
Do you really think she'll be there when things go bad?
When things go wrong?
You think again."

And now
im forced to carry the weight of your despair

and its everyones fault but yours
it's no body's fault but mine, silly. well i imagine this to be a screamo type song but what genre is it?