the reason im up so late is because my mistress, guitar, is keeping me awake. anyway, i've been looking at inside the fire for the past hour or so and i was practicing the post-solo/buildup part. the part where it just repeats itself then builds it self up into the chorus.

the first few times i kept getting frustrated and i couldnt seem to get it. i was actually getting angry lol. but i kept at it and i finally nailed it. it felt so good to be able to play the entire song.

the only part i have problems with is im kind of fuzzy on the tremolo part of the solo and the legato part of the solo.

do you guys have any stories?

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fly ass ******s wearin my hat

What usually happens to me is that I keep practising and getting annoyed. Then after sleeping, I seem to be able to nail it the next day. Always a relief when it gets nailed.
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"Don't you love nailing that part?"

That's what she said. (Sorry, couldn't resist! )

But yeah, the first power chords and the first solo in Paradise City feel awesome.
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