Ska-Punk lyrics. C4C (leave link)

Can you tell me Mrs. Dalloway, can I go to your party?
Why do you look so sad, and still, invited everybody?
The waltz is an aphrodisiac to all the dancing lovers,
and still, you’re dancing with yourself.
Romance was in the air but you couldn’t taste its smell,
you just wanted to enjoy, and forget this living hell
to which common people call life, but to us, it’s just a passage.
The words you use are so beautiful, that I see them as a message
everyone should follow in their lives.
But they came here to have fun and to forget bad memories,
expecting their dancing partner is not infected with syphilis.
And still you’re dancing hand in hand, with the person you adore:
You’re the only one you love.

Can you tell me Mrs. Dalloway, why do you look so blue?
Why do you expect that everyone should fall in love with you?
You always searched for happiness, but you kept on avoiding it.
You always loved to make you suffer.
And you hide yourself in parties, disguises and fake smiles;
and you hide yourself in books that have put you in denial,
'cause they always talk about the perfect love we’ve never found,
so you cry alone at night, spending no tears, making no sound,
as the other side of the bed is left alone.
You smoke another cigarette as you schedule all your day;
everyone sees that you’re not, but you keep telling you’re okay.
No one ever said a thing, thinking you might take it wrong
but everyone must have predicted a disgrace.

Can you tell me Mrs. Dalloway, why have you killed yourself?
You were a born pessimist, who thought life was a living hell;
you always loved those antitheses you built around your life,
but what’s the meaning of them now that you’re dead?
Your death was a catastrophe to all your friends;
You should have heard when they said they felt your soul's descent.
Your funeral was so amazing that I forgot you were dead,
but I kept on thinking: why the hell have you blew your head?
You were loved!
You were more than loved, you were idolatrized by housewives
who wanted to be like you, but unlike you, they have survived.
I wrote this letter but I don’t know the address to be sent
I’d rather say this personally:
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