so i am going camping on the coast soon
and i was wondering if it is safe to boil ocean water to cook with
like boiling pasta and stuff like that
is there anything wrong with this
Not if you boil it right 'n proper.
Military use of children?

hmm boiling it should be safe?, it will taste ram though
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You cant drink sea water unless you boil it and collect the steam using condensation then drink that. There is way to much salt in it and you need to get rid of it.

Sea water = bad for you.

Dont do it.
Boiling sea water is unlikely to make it safe. There is so much **** in there- it might kill the majority of the bacteria, but you still don't know what's floating around in there.

Plus, it will taste like absolute bastard.
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you would have to desalinate it before it would be useful for cooking, I would chlorinate it too.
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To get rid of the salt; do like this:

boil the water while having some kind of surface above it, like a metal sheet or something.

when boiling the water, steam will rise up, hit the sheet and become water again, while the salt and other nasty stuff will stay in the first pot.

angle the metal sheet (or whatever you took) down so the water that've hit it will drip down into another pot, like this:

The right pot: unclean water
The left pot: Moderately clean water.

repeat if you feel it's necessary

hopefully it'll remove the worst taste of salt
You like it
Saltwater has a higher heat capacity than freshwater. If you're gonna boil things. it's gonna take longer to boil than boiling with freshwater.
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