Are there any Beatles fans around here?
Pls tell your favorite song, favorite Beatle...

My favorite Beatle is absolutely Sir Paul McCartney,
Best song is... Hey Jude.
Here Comes The Sun is a very relaxing and peaceful song.
Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band is a song I want to hear live!
I kinda like 'em

Sir Paul is obviously the best

dunno bout best songs, Eight Days A Week, Back In The USSR, Hard Day's Night, Twist & Shout, Hey Jude, Please Please Me etc.
Rockin' shit
Beatles is awesome. My personal favorite Beatle is George Harrison or John Lennon. It's hard to pick one of them actually. I guess I would end up with Harrison.
Favorite song is even harder...
Lady Madonna
Love Me Do (their first single)
Eleanor Rigby (probably my biggest favorite)
I'm Only Sleeping
and of course the mighty Sgt. Pepper

Favorite album is Revolver. I actually have a radioprogram in Norway called Revolver just because of that album
I was born in 1994, 14 years after John got shot...
So I never knew the Beatles...

...that's why I don't know all the songs...

I like all the songs if I think about it...
I love the relaxing songs more.
I like Helter Skelter too...

So,.. I love all the songs
I don't like the very slow, and boring songs (Long and winding road)...

I like Paul most,
Then George
Then John
Then Ringo.

John got himself at 3th place because of 1 little thing, called: Revolution #9!
I hate that crappy noise!
Why did he put that on the white album?!
It scared me into death when I heard it the first time!