First post here and not been playing for very long so please be gentle.
I am not sure how to slide to 0


This is a tab from a Joe Satriani solo and I am not sure how to slide to the 0. If I just slide up the fret board and let off pressure until I am not on the string anymore, my finger kills the sound.

I have the same sort of problem when you slide into a riff.


This is from Metallica Fade to Black and is how the first solo starts.


17/0 is just sliding from the 17th fret down to the open string so when you get to the 1st fret you just sorta pull-off slightly (to keep the slide even).

/ 9 is just sliding from somewhere higher than the 9th fret. Could be 3 frets, 5 frets, 10 frets, etc, whatever seems to fit the song.
What I'd do is just slide down from 17 to any random fret, doing a pull-off motion as I lifted my finger to hit the open string.
As for Fade to Black, use your ring finger, start on like the 4th or 5th fret and just slide up to the 9.
Soon you'll get used to sliding to and from random places and making it sound right.
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usually just means you slide up or down a bit.....theres no defined length of the slide.E.g sliding to 9, you would normally slide from about 3 frets back (6th fret to 9th) or just whatever sounds good.
For sliding to 0when you get to the knit keep going down the string, as if the knut was bigger fret.
For fade to black start with your finger between the knut and the pegs and to a gentle hammer on and then slide.

Hope I helped
Just keep your finger on the string and go over the nut that would probably work
Thanks Guys

I have been sliding from about 3 frets before or 3 after so that seems to be ok.

Thanks for the input, now back to the axe and lots more practice.