Poll: Do you run or walk up the stairs??
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View poll results: Do you run or walk up the stairs??
41 79%
11 21%
Voters: 52.
At home, I run. I have far too much energy to walk. Publicly, I try not to make too much of a fool of myself.
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were's the both option?
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2 at a time at home.

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at home, i go up on hands and feet at home haha xD like a dog

Yeah, I do that as well sometimes.
Dude wheres the option of using those lazy chair things that slide up the wall.
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I dont have any stairs in my home, but in public I take them 2 at a time, sometimes 3.
Depends entirely on the circumstances.
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that's just what they do.
there's probably humans doing the same thing.
quit being so paranoid.

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At home I run up em, but in public I take em 2 at a time.

I run. My time is precious! I have places I need to be quickly.

Unless I'm in public, where I take them two at a time.
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I go up on hands and feet
and when i get to the top i run along the wall in a sort of cartwheel motion.
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At home I run up em, but in public I take em 2 at a time.


But more importantly, how do you go down stairs?

I tread on each one, but at pretty much a run.

However, if I'm with people as I ascend or descend, I walk normally, as I don't want them to realise how weird I am...
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I'm pretty sure everyone acts the same:

Home - Run (sometimes like a dog)

Public Alone - 2 at a time

Public with company - 1 at a time together preventing me from lunging past!

Downstairs - running hitting everyone. Except sometimes you'll skip one, and you'll think your badass for it... you are
2 at a time everywhere going up

and going down I take them 2 at a time then jump the last 4 or so
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