I was just wondering, since the wire inside your guitar is best if it has low capacitance, what are the spec's one should look out for when purchasing some?

For example, Low capacitance from my own investigation seems to be measured in uf farads.

But anywire I see available to purchase is always measure in Volts, Amps and temperature?

Can anyone provide some explanation and some good standards to try and meet,

for example do I purchase wire that has high Amps? High voltage etc

I'm pretty much convinced that more amps (means higher current passing through) co therefore less capacitance. But being no expert I'd like someone to clear up the matter.

They don't tell the capacitance of wire. Just use 22 AWG wire. You don't have to worry about capacitance or any of that. The voltage running through a guitar is miniscule, about 100mv.

Anyway, for guitar wiring at least, capacitance isn't one of the things you have to worry about in wire, nor is the voltage, amperage, and temperature ratings. Heck, you could use sewing needles if you have to (don't ask).
The reason I ask is cause I can only get AWG 22 from one place at the minute and it's a bit of hassle. The reason for this wire being good according to the site article on cable and wire is becuase it has low capacitance.

So I was thinkin if I could find out the spec's I could get the wire from somewhere local rather than Germany. I mean wire shouldn't hard to come across.

I figured fuse wire 30A could be a good idea, may be not. Guess I'll have to make do for the mean time.

I can get my hands on vintage wire re-issue **** but I don't reckon it would be as good as the silver teflon insulated stuff.
Try solid core cloth covered wire. Don't be too surprised if you don't hear a difference though, not everyone can. It depends on your rig too.