I'm applying for a job in a pharmacy (which I doubt I'll get, but oh well), and I just realised if I want any chance of working there I'm going to have to put that I can work full time hours. This is OK for in the week, but on Friday/Saturday I usually spend the day with my mates.

Do you think I should go for the job anyway and miss a few weeks with my friends or fuck this job and look for something else? The pay is damn good for a 16 year old, £5.62 an hour.

So I just wondered, how do you guys manage your job and your social life? How flexible are your hours?
During summer, I work 4-5 days a week, from 9 AM to 6 PM. I still see my friends. If you apply for a student job, you can't go there and ask several days off just to "be with your mates".
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i have work all weekend, and until this week i had school every other day, so you have to try and make other time for friends. just think about whether you need the money. plus, since school is now out, you can hang with your mates on other days.
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I start work on monday. Luckily the guy who owns the place is a family friend so i can quite easily get days off, within reason. Weekends are off as standard though
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I work from monday to friday, sometimes I'll do an extra shift on saturdays if I don't have anything planned. I have to work for at least eight hours daily (except on fridays and saturdays, it's only five then), but I tend to work for eleven or twelve hours daily if I feel like earning some extra cash. My personal record is fourteen and a half hours of work.

EDIT: I still find enough time to spend time with my friends. Saturday afternoon and Sunday are always free.
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But yeah, just take the damn job!

Can you imagine it at interview?

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That makes you look like you really, REALLY, want the job, right?
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