hey, my mum was just gettin all pissy wi me playing through my amp, and i couldnt find my headfones so i plugged in my sennheisr in ear ones and O...M...G the sound quality was sooo much better than runnin it straight out of my amp, perhaps its just my marshall amp (soon to be an ashdown) but i was impressed how good it sounds
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Same with me.. for some reason they sound much better threw headphones or is it due to the sound bieng projected threw the air around where you are..
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A amplifier needs to be louder and can reduce the quality, and Senheiseer is a pretty good earphone company so. But be gently playing with your headphones, it`s not so goodfor your ears if you play pretty long.

Or if you play loudly through them.

Sennheiser gear is quality. I have bought their headphones for years can attest to that.

Getting back to MaXiMuse's comment. The guitarist I am now playing with has serious Tinnitus issues from playing in clubs and listening to music too loud. While he is able to cope with in ear monitors and there are some newer treatments, the fact of the matter is he will never get his hearing back to even 65% of what it was. So watch the duration and volume of playing through headphones and use those ear plugs on stage.
Sennheisers are nice, but some flat-line response monitoring headphones are much nicer.

I found this with my first amp though - using headphones had so much more clarity and showed up the mistakes in my playing much better. It was much the same experience when I upgraded my amp.