you've got the swagger
of a legless cowboy
my skin crawls at
the tickling of your throat
i've dredged swamp pits
seeking the shadow of your soul

and while the shipwreck captain
bellows fist shakes
at hordes of goats
you dressed in a carnival mirror
curved up tall, ready to gloat

the comfort of your mortal coil
diminishes my scorn

you're the captain of a ship that's been sinking
since the day you were born.
either song or poem. i originally wrote it to be a song. EDIT: i do realize the rhythm is a bit odd.
Ok, I imagined a Death Metal band screaming this lyrics so. But this can be mysterious if you put in a song that`s like the verse of A Beatiful Lie from 30 seconds to Mars. But a bit slower. Or maybe the intro of So Cold from Breaking Benjamin,beforethe distortion part.
Think about it,this could be really experimental and alternative if you want.
i was thinking experimental and alternative. heavy but not metal i suppose would be the way to put it. i'm a big fan of mars volta, king crimson, tool, isis, etc. so it would be along lines like that. thanks for the words