Well today I'm going to this local music store to talk to the guy there about teaching guitar. He wants me to go so he can hear me play, and if I'm good he'll make me like his assistant, and give me people to teach, and he'll also teach me the stuff I don't etc. Well, I'm just wondering...what should I play/do? I mean I'm not just gonna go and play some random songs. Any ideas?
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just play something that show u at your best try making up a solo as you go
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yea take in a backing track and jst try to make up a lick of a cool solo
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Play something that not only showcases skill, but versatility. Include strumming, picking, finger picking, hammer-on's/pull-off's, slides, maybe use an actual slide at some point, bends, some tapping, slap techniques, etc, etc. It doesn't have to have everything but you need to show that if they want to learn it you can teach it for the most part. Maybe even make your own arrangement to a song so that it can include many of these things.
I think it wouldn't be bad if you prepeared some different things. Like a bluesy, a classical, a shred piece to show him versatility in place of just one type of style.

Or do it like BiOhAZarD722 said, but integrate in this one piece a few different styles.

that's my advice...