I am not sure there is a "most used" technique, I may be wrong.

Just chord and play with it, find what you are most comfortable starting off with and build on that over time.

I suggest looking at "Dust in the Wind" by Kansas, that has some good finger picking with a consistent pattern.
There isn't one.

I don't quite understand your question though...
There are several finger picking techniques.

The simplest is the most obvious. You use your thumb to play bass notes and your middle and index fingers to play the higher strings.
With your fingers....har har

So seriously, the most common guitar finger technique is to use your thumb to pick the wound strings (EAD) and use your 1st finger on the G, 2nd finger on the B, and 3rd on the e.

Those fingers are usually assigned like that but it move around depending what notes your playing
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the guitarnoise website has a couple of lessons on basic finger picking on the main page atm.

good solid easy to follow and well presented.
Thank you please.
i use my thumb for the top 3 (E, A, D) strings, your index finger on the g, your middle on the b and on the high e use your ring finger.