I'm looking for a noisegate.

I've heard rave reviews about the ISP Decimator, but I'm not ready to go with it just yet. I want some more information.

Looking at AMS and MF, I see the Rocktron Hush, Boss NS2, EH Hum Debugger, and MXR Smart Gate.

With the exception of the Hush and the NS2, these are all 110-130 usd.
We seem to know that the ISP is an awesome noisegate, but how does it compare to the Hum Debugger and the Smart gate, since they are in it's price range?
Are the Hush and NS2 worth even looking at?
I'd rather buy local, and I'm fairly certain the local shops don't carry the ISP or the EH, but probably just the Boss and the MXR.


Edit: For what it's worth, I'm worried about feedback mostly. I'm using a Bugera 333, and I get gallons of feedback and other noise on the drive channels with any of my guitars.
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