Does anyone know anything about guitar rig 3 because when I start the program it starts but im getting nothing but noise when I do get sound its really digital and delayed..... any answers?
What does guitar rig do? Help you design a rig? Hmm. Sounds fun
EDIT: Oh, Just found out what it is. Not so cool anymore
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Firstly, it is very digital sounding. I tried the demo, and thought it was useful for experimenting with, but i wouldn't use for anything other than messing around.

I had a lot of latency, until i installed asio4all. download it (its free), and then change the audio driver in guitar rig 3 to asio4all - that should help.
I like analogue Solid State amps that make no effort to be "tube-like", and I'm proud of it...

...A little too proud, to be honest.
First off there are many things that could be causing noise...such as your connection, soundcard, PC sound settings etc. Are you running GR3 as a plug-in or stand alone? May I suggest going to this site (it is pretty active - however not at UG level.)


I only have the demo of Guitar Rig; but must say, it is a terrific program. In fact, I am quite amazed at the quality of sounds and features GR3 offers...simply amazing. Even though it is probably worth it...the price tag is too high for my budget. And you really need a laptop and (something like a keyboard amp) to enjoy all it's benefits...even more $$$
Are you using an onboard soundcard if you are its just not going to cut it for guitar rig it just cant handle the stress that guitar rig will put on it

I would recommend getting that new guitar rig I/O box i tried one out and they are perfect and you get guitar rig 3 XE with it and its only 240 dollars