hey all i cant decide which one to get, i really like the floyd rose and fast neck on the jackson, but i really like the emgs, mahogany and shape of the explorer, so what do you guys think? i mainly play metal of a KSE, Trivium Atreyu and Scar Symmetry variety.

thanks in advance
yes floyd roses can be a pain in the arse for restringing and changing tunings, does the floyd have a good range in its bendableness guitar freak? and maximuse i do think the ESP looks ALOT better and i prefer the sound of EMGs, but then the RR3 has a faster neck and a floyd hmmmmm i might have to flip a coin lol

thanks for your help guys!
The ESP looks horrible imo. I would personally take the Jackson. I have a licensed floyd on my jackson, and its by NO means a pain in the ass. Changing strings take a bout 10 minutes longer, but so what? It stays in tune and I abuse it daily.
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thanks guys i think will get the jackson as already have an ESP ec-100qm so it would be a change, i will probobly end up getting the esp anyway afterwards lol as im a total guitar *****