Okay, so I bought a BC Rich Trace-series Warbeast about two weeks ago, and two days ago a Digitech Death Metal(Which sucks as everyone here says), I don't mind the tone, but past few days I've been contemplating returning them both. I like how my warbeast plays, but I'm not sure if it's the god-awful low-end BC Riches like Bronze series or not.
I can't spend any extra money, so the only thing I can really do is get something of equal value.

That's about $300 for the Warbeast and $50 for the Digitech DM.

My amp sucks.(It's a Behringer XB18000, played bass for a year and sold my Wii for one of those like a fool)

Any recommendations?

I play metal and a little bit of Buckethead(No solos though, only been playing guitar for like three weeks.
Quote by Midnight Murk
If you've only been playing for three weeks, keep the gear. Worry first about playing the guitar. Tone and gear is less important than being able to play.

Alright, Good idea. Then again, Music theory is a HUGE issue for me(None of it makes any sense at all)
Sure, I can read tabs and play them no problem. I've read some of the online things about music theory. I can't make any sense of it. >.<