neither one of my shift keys on my keyboard work anymore.... what is the problem

first the right shift stopped working, then a day later the left shift stopped...... i have no idea what's the matter and it's incredibly annoying

someone please help
buy a new keyboard or learn the unicode shortcuts
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buy a new keyboard or learn the unicode shortcuts

I wouldn't exactly call them shortcuts...

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trash the PC
buy a mac
learn from your mistakes...

I wish I had a script that automatically bitch slapped anyone who comes into computer threads to tell people to use a mac.

And don't mac keyboards have shift keys anyway? So he could be using it *shudder*
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‼ --->Alt+19 "-->Alt+34 #-->Alt+35 $-->Alt+36 %-->Alt+37 &-->Alt+38 '-->..+39

(-->..+40 )-->..+41 *-->..+42 <-->..+60 =-->..+61 >-->..+62 ?-->..+63

Hope that was helpful..