Hey guys,

I've heard about how Roope Latvala from Children Of Bodom, has his own configuration of setting up the springs in his floyd.

Something along the lines of 2 springs on the high E and B strings and one that's on an angle near the low E/A strings area. I was wondering if anyone here has done this to their own guitar, and what kind of results it has. Any pro's or con's?? And maybe a pic of the springs set up so i can have a go? as opposed to guessing where the 3rd string goes.

Also if anyone know where the original source is? like if Roope posted it somewhere?
A link would be greatly appreciated.

I ask, because i've heard the bar is easier & smoother to use.
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Im guessing that roope has set up his springs to suit the drop C tunings for Children of Bodom so that might limit you if you want to change tunings but i guess it will be more stable in that tuning. Personally i wouldnt mess with the springs unless you are making a near permanent change.
no difference? i'm just curious because i've heard some people swear by it, and won't play any other way. i was wondering if there was a difference or if they just want to be exactly the same.

Also any mention i've found of it, doesn't state the tuning... so i wasn't sure about that either.

It wouldn't be too permanant? only for the life of a set of strings, then you could change it back. i'm sure it couldn't do any damage?
actually ignore the last sentence of my post, im just very lazy and dont like all this maintenance lol, you can give it go if you want but i say do a bit more research on it.

Make sure of the tuning, im pretty sure that he would have a setup for drop C and one for whole step down. String gauges are another matter aswell.
I do know that crossing a spring creates more tension than having it just straight from my experience. This fellow must use heavier gauges for the lower strings in proportion to the high strings(think YJM or Billy Gibbons((though not a FR guitarist AFAIK)), strings @8,11,@16,28,@36,48) thus requiring just a TAD more tension than the regular 3 three springs could provide.

Since adding a spring causes more tension not only for the strings but for the fingers too(me thinks) instead simply cross the existing spring to balance the tension across the fulcrum plate instead as aforementioned for the A,E strings. I know this because simply put, a three spring float is ALWAYS kinder to you than having a four/five spring configuration for better tuning stability and easier playing. All in all, before adding a spring, try crossing springs first. If there's still not enough tension then add springs or just use a more balance set of strings.