i see diagrams have .047 capacitors. i've also seen .022 capacitors. i've also seen capacitors and another little thingie wired up with it.
i'm gonna split both the bridge and the neck pickups.
so what's the deal? how does the cap value affect the tone control?

and what does a treble-bleed on the volume knob do?
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When you turn down the volume the first to go is the treble so it drops faster. The treble bleed mod was a .001 cap between the lugs on the vol pot. So the treble stayed when you turned the vol down doesnt do much on full vol. I rigged my guitars up with a switch to turn the bright on or off. As for the .02 and .04 caps usually the .02 cap is used with single coils to tame some of the brightness(more treble bleed thru the tone pot). The .04 cap is usually used with humbuckers to bleed less treble thru the pots. Its not a written in stone rule. You can use higher or lower values as you wish. Everybodies idea of good tone is different. Some never even use the tone pot. Some only have it hooked up to the neck pickup the bridge is full blast. The value of the pot also affects the choice of caps. But .04 and 500k pots is pretty good to use with humbuckers.