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Zune 30
16 29%
iPod 30
40 71%
Voters: 56.
I'm going to give my girlfriend an mp3 player today because she's leaving the country for a month and I want her to have something to listen to on her vacation. I have a Zune and an iPod, both in fine working condition with no scratches, etc. Which one should I give to her?


And this isn't a versus thread. Just want to hear your opinions.

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Is it the old zune or new zune?

If its the old zune I say give her the apple, if it is the new zune then give her that.

edit: saw it's the zune 30...give her the apple.
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Ipod. Also, put up a poll
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Oh wait, I thought it was a preference thing. Give her the iPod if you love her, the Zune if you don't.
ipod for sure, as long as your getting it back, if not give her the zune
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thats what id rather have. i used to listen to other people and think they sucked, but then i got one, and i love it.
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Oh wait, I thought it was a preference thing. Give her the iPod if you love her, the Zune if you don't.

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give her the zune... i hate my zune haha keep the ipod for yourself
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give her the zune and you keep the ipod, the iod is waaaaaaaay better
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If you're looking to be nice to her, give her the Zune. A lot more worth it than the iPod; at the moment, my iPod frequently recognizes the Menu and Play buttons as a next song/fast forward button.
get yourself a new and better i-pod, give her your i-pod (since she's the begger), and give the zune to someone else in your family
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give her the ipod, id prefer the zune any day
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Zune 2 is better than an iPod.

However, I'm not sure if it's the new generation you're giving or the old one.

If it's the new, give her the Zune, if it's the old, give her the iPod.