I uploaded some music off of limewire and put it on my ipod and for some reason it shows Led Zeppelin 5 times on my artists list. help?
gotta make sure the artist name is exactly the same for all of the songs, otherwise they all appear seperate
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There are probably spaces afterwards.

Just highlight all the Led Zeppelin songs and retype the artist info.
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that would most likely be the problem. Limewire is bad for people not knowing the artist but uploading it anyway. you should be happy its atleast the right artist.
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Maybe if you bought the ****ing albums you wouldnt have that problem.


... giving them all the same name should work... @ skirvy it can be hard to get certain albums depending where you live so you shouldnt be so harsh
IPOD THREAD . and i have the same problem
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theres probably a space in bits, or caps or summin like that

highlight them all and change artist info