Basically, I couldn't get into UG for 24 hours, and it was that the servers timed out, or wouldn't send back information, or something to that effect.

Gore AND Core; unite!
But your user title says you've been on here since '03! Are you going to change it to "has been on UG since yesterday" now?
I couldn't get in either. Well, I could from my phone, but it made me really mad cause my phone is retarded on UG.


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what this man says is correct.

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WHAT IS THE PIT!?!?!!!!!!?!??

i was fine too
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Hmm, so I'm not the only one.
Let's get a mod up in here; why?
I'm curious, atleast so I know why if it happens again.

The strangest part is, most people got on fine.
And it's not a location-based thing either.



Gore AND Core; unite!
yeah, i couldn't either. Hmmmm. Sounds fishy to me. maybe a conspiracy.
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there was already a post on this. zapp had a blog posted about it.

Oh, ok.
Well, I might have seen this Blog...

*Checks blog now*
Gore AND Core; unite!
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yeah, i couldn't either. Hmmmm. Sounds fishy to me. maybe a conspiracy.

It's always a conspiracy.

didn't get on either
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This man IS the truth.

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