hey everyone. I have a vox 30VT, and i bought it a while ago when i ddnt know **** about amps. I play deathcore stuff, any suggestions on what i need?
Well you would have been better to get a Roland cube but oh well.
It's a moddelling amp, so pedals won't sound too good with it (unless you'd want a wah), so my advice would be to stick with it until you can afford a new amp - the ADVT series are imo the best practise amps out (alongside the Roland Cube) but they're for lighter gain stuff.
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You might want to try out the new ADVT-XL, unless you've sworn off of Voxes. All the amp models on that are designed for higher gain the normal line. I found it a struggle to achieve a nice overdrive sound out of it because everything sounded like metal-something you might like if you're ADVT is falling short.