Hi UG's

Me again. I plan to buy a guitar slide. I own an electric DOT 335 and an acoustic guitars so what you guys recommend? Where can I get those at the cheapest price? I'm from province of Quebec, Canada. How to select the right size.

Thanks in advance.
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Most music or guitar shops will have them. I spose you could order online. The size depends on your finger. I slide with my middle finger but that varies by player. Just try a couple on and see what fits you best. There is no science to it, it's feel. On occasion, I just grab an empty beer bottle... How's that for cheap?
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you can choose between steel and glass i prefer the tone of glass slides but its whatever sounds best to you, just make sure its comfortable.
Go to a local store and try some on. Dunlop Pyrexes are nice because they are even and fit nicely.
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