Can anyone recomend some sheet music software something kinda like powertab where i can download sheet music for songs as well as compose. I'm trying to find the alto saxophone part for Pink Panther so if you could give me that, it would be great.

Thanks in advance
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Well there's Sibeleus (or however you spell it) but that ain't cheap I'm pretty sure. There's a free program called Anvil Studios, not the best in the world but it can handle midi stuff, although the sheet music viewer isn't the best. That's all I know of though sorry, cause I mainly use Guitar Pro and Power-Tab.
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Guitar Pro.

Also if you want to focus on horn related things, like orchestrating parts. Sibelius is your best bet, but you can't really go out and download stuff for it.
either Sibelius or Finale (which I prefer, though it is a little harder to use for beginners)
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