Hey if youre lithuanian post in here, i want to find out how many of us dwell here, you can also post if you can read this : Ei, Lietuvi padek cia zinute, noriu as suzinoti kiek is viso musu cia slypi.
above: Meh been better, Valdas Adamkus is president again (that sucks so hard), also the nuclear power plant is being prepared for "deconstruction" and I think the electrical bill is rising , slowly.
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your country has highest suicide rate in world


As gimes Klaipedoje bet persikrausciau i Svedija pries keturis metus.
Tikrai idomu suzinoti kiek Lietuviu cia yra.
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i'm lithuanian, but i went to a russian school and left before i got a firm grasp on lithuanian, which i have completely forgotten by now.
sup. how's things over there?

this is good because in your country, there no school