My friend is looking for a new guitar. He would like to play a lot of metal on it, so it would need to have a really nice crunch to it. Low action, for sweeping and finger tapping. Perfered floyed rose trem system, but if it doesn't have one, it's not a big deal. His price range is around $800, if anyone can give some recomendations, that would be awesome.
for $800 shred guitar you could go for an Ibanez
they have low action, 24 frets, a real thin neck for fast playing

im setting my eyes on RG2550 or RG2570
both about $750-850 i think
Schecter's are also a great value for features, looks and performance in the metal genre. The C-1 and the Hellraisers, with either the EMG's or the new Seymour Duncan active pickups have suggested retails in the $800 range, and look and play better then guitars that cost 200-400 bucks more.
schecter $400 isnt any different from the $800 in quality

imo, if u want a schecter, it should be ur 1st or 2nd guitar

if u want a $800 guitar, it should be ur 2nd or 3rd
dude i got a Gibson Sg faded and unlike some sterotypes on it it can ply shred pretty damn good once u get use to it plus it has a resionably slim neck and the body is vary thin i'd go with it
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