You could always have a luthier carve you neck and put new ones in. but, not only is it expensive, theres a good chance of fretboard damage, and if you wanted sharkteeth, it doesnt work becuase the hole the dots left wouldnt be covered by the new *fancy* sharkteeth. Depending on your guitar, you might need a new ****ing neck...........if its that important to you.
Best thing to do would be to have a new fingerboard made with the wood and inlays design that you want, then you would need to have your fingerboard removed from the neck and replaced with the new one.

Reality check: You could probably order a custom shop guitar for about the same price as what I've described above.
You don't really need to get things INlayed.
You can just put something on below the fret height, and t won't interfere.
Inlays are all looks, so I suggest these:
Vinyl doesn't wear down easily(hence pickguards are made of it), and the chrome looks nice in the pictures.

These seem to be the best way to go for you.
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yea, by the time you pay someone to do it or do it yourself you're better off buying a whole new neck... but if you feel ballsy it's not really that hard.
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Depends if you want fancy its gonna cost, alot. If you want a different dot then not so big a deal. I just put abalone dots in one of my guitars. A 1/4" forstner bit drilled out the old one and a 1/4 dot drops in. But anything other than that and it gets expensive.