I tried this in the Gear & Accessories thread but there was no replies so I deleted it and now I'll try here hoping for better luck.


Is there any possible way that I can get a sound even remotely close the the bass solo on 'Orion' with the gear I have now.

Ibanez GSR205 (Rotosound strings)
Boss ODB-3
Fender Rumble 25

The pedal has a treble/bass EQ and the amp has a 3 band EQ so if anyone has any suggestions for setting the knobs, that would be great.

If I had money I would buy better gear but I'm broke and my new car is going to keep me broke for the next 3 years.
Wrong forum.

You are supposed to wait for a reply, y'know?
Or maybe no one knew the answer! 0_0
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